Unpackit Best and Worst Packaging Awards 2013

424 nominations and 15,642 votes decided the winners

The Unpackit Awards are on hold for 2014 while we look for funding.
We hope to continue the Best and Worst Packaging Awards in 2015.

WINNER - The Best

RethinkThe Rethink Reusable Fresh Produce Bags can be used again and again and again. They are 100% biodegradable and certified organic. Many North Island supermarkets already tare the weight of the bags so you can use them without adding the weight of the bag to your fruit and vege purchases. This is a great reusable alternative to disposable plastic bags for your fruit and veges.


Chelsea white sugarSugar in a simple, recyclable paper bag. There is a good reason why this trusty bag has been around longer than your Nana! Empty it and recycle it. The ratio of product to packaging is high and there is no waste. No plastic, no gimmicks, no fuss! A timeless classic, what more can we say.

EcostoreThese guys know how to clean up. Their packaging range is recyclable, contains recycled content and is clearly labelled. You can get refills and bulk sizes or refill your own containers from bulk stores. They apply the elbow grease needed to continually improve their packaging. It does the job for everyone with water based glues, recyclable labels and metal free triggers on sprays.

WINNER - The Worst

Progressive EnterprisesBack by popular demand! Fruit and vegetables on polystyrene meat-trays wrapped in plastic and sold on Countdown shelves. A classic example of unnecessary packaging which drives consumers mad. Kerbside recycling collections don’t widely accept polystyrene meat-trays or plastic wrap. Courgettes and pineapples come with their own wrapping.

RUNNERS UP - The Worst

Dell computer monitorEvery component wrapped in plastic, encased in polystyrene, even the packaging came in its own packaging. Beautifully labelled but only the box is recyclable in most places in NZ. A lot of unnecessary waste which is frustrating when we know you can pack fragile electronics in 100% recyclable moulded cardboard.

NespressoSingle serve, hermetically sealed coffee capsules. In theory the high grade aluminium could be recycled but you would have to send the capsules (full of used coffee) to Auckland at your own cost. Most Nespresso users we talked to admitted to just throwing them out.

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