A classic example of bad toy packaging. Completely over-the-top for the size of the toy, plastic not identified so can’t be recycled. Plus the frustration factor of being time-consuming and tricky to unwrap.

Disposable Coffee Cup


100 million disposable cups go to landfill in NZ every year – causing a massive amount of unnecessary waste; 100 million crushed cups would build a tower as high as the Sky Tower or fill two Olympic-sized swimming pools. Paper … Continued

Oral B Toothbrush Heads


A finalist in 2011 Worst Packaging Award. Large amount of packaging for two tiny toothbrush heads, plastic cover has no plastic identification number, generic recycling symbol is misleading for consumers.

Sunsweet Ones


Winner of 2011 Unpackit Worst Packaging Award. Individually wrapped prunes, contained in a non-recyclable tube, wrapped in plastic. Just ridiculous!

Fantastic Noodles in a cup


3 different materials; a completely unnecessary plastic wrapper, a lid and a disposable polystyrene cup.  The disposable cup goes straight to landfill since Invercargill is the only kerbside collection we know of that accepts polystyrene.

Arnott’s Shapes 12 Pack


These crackers are packaged in mini “pillow packs” to look like chip packets. Crackers are less fragile than chips, and don’t need super-protective packaging. The same crackers are sold in a larger cardboard box, and can be put into individual … Continued

Meat Tray Madness


Separate meat-trays packaged on a big meat tray and wrapped in plastic by New World. All non-recyclable as contaminated with blood, excessive amount of waste. More packaging than meat!

Auto Dishwash Tablets


Dishwasher tablets are individually wrapped in a PVA biodegradable wrapper that dissolves in the dishwasher. Tablets are pre-measured, preventing excess powder use. Small box is made from 85% recycled material.

Bin Inn


33 stores in NZ, system is set up to encourage shoppers to reuse their own containers for a large range of products. Reuse is above recycle on the waste hierarchy, better to reuse a container than to get a new … Continued