Auto Dishwash Tablets


Dishwasher tablets are individually wrapped in a PVA biodegradable wrapper that dissolves in the dishwasher. Tablets are pre-measured, preventing excess powder use. Small box is made from 85% recycled material.

Bin Inn


33 stores in NZ, system is set up to encourage shoppers to reuse their own containers for a large range of products. Reuse is above recycle on the waste hierarchy, better to reuse a container than to get a new … Continued

Caffe Prima


Innovative packaging using new technology to solve an old problem– how to keep coffee fresh on the shelf without using packaging which goes to landfill. The NZ-made compostable bag meets EU compostability standards for industrial compost. NZ manufacturer Convex Plastics … Continued

Ideal Cup


NZ designed reusable coffee cup, fits under standard coffee machine. Plastic cup and lid have plastic identification numbers for recycling. Potential to divert large amount of waste by replacing some of the 100 million disposable coffee cups thrown into landfill … Continued

Apple iPhone 4


Extremely minimal packaging – only just fits phone and components, ongoing improvements (42% reduction in iPhone packaging between 2007 and 2010), almost entirely recyclable, cardboard contains 90% recycled content.

Nude Food Movers


Lunch box options to take nude food to school and work. All plastic containers are stamped with plastic identification number for recycling. Nude Food Movers are sturdy and long-lasting, with child appeal – practical way for parents to avoid prepackaged … Continued



Take-away container made from waste potato starch, compostable at home or in an industrial compost. Clearly labelled, replace take-away containers going to landfill. Winner of the 2011 Unpackit Best Packaging Award.