Milk Relief Soap/Palm Oil Free Soap/Shy Sheep Ltd

This is almost perfect: the soap itself is not only benign to humans and the environment, but the individual packaging appears to be a paper napkin made from recycled paper, with a plain paper sticker holding it together and explaining the product (and full ingredient list!).

I bought 4 rounds of soap online, and they came packaged in a plain cardboard box, stuffed with newspaper. The only plastic was a single piece of packing tape, and the courier sticker. Everything else was either recyclable or home compostable. The box is reusable multiple times.

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  1. Milk Relief Soap

    Thank you! All of our bars come wrapped in simple packaging made of waste potato starch! That means you can easily recycle or compost the packaging, or even feed it to animals such as pigs or chickens. (perhaps minus the paper labels )

  2. Glynn Cathro

    My cousin Junko Smith makes this! Shez awesome and always does an amazing job, so her stuff is amazing too- even the packaging! lol

  3. Marion Preston

    The soap, which you developed in my response to my request for a palm oil free saop, is second to none. The potato wrapping is biodegradeable & poruos, so allows the soap to carry on curing until it reaches its destination—–what more could we ask for? Great!, Thanks to Shy Sheep folk.


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